Introducing SimSyncPro

We love rFactor 2, we feel that it is the simulator that gives the best feel with the car. We also love the mods, plugins and skins that can be created to ensure that leagues and championships are truly unique.


Anyone who has tried to download content from rFactor 2 servers knows that this particular function just doesn’t really work. We’ve tried….it sucks.

So onto Steam Workshop! Well….that works if we have a long running series to an extent as our resident skinning and modding gurus can create a pack for the series…most of the time.

So where does this leave us? Some links to Steam Workshop items, some Workshop packs, sometimes putting up with skins not loading and seeing some people’s cars look like they were drawn for consoles in the late 80s as large yellow blobs.

Enter SimSyncPro.

The aim of this software is to synchronise our league races in the easiest possible way. Effectively the admin team can put tracks, content and skins for the league on the SimSync server one time and every participant can sync from there. Whilst this is not a solution that is particularly elegantly integrated into rFactor 2, it does work really well to ensure that everyone can access league content consistently.

How to set it up

1. This is where SimSync is pretty great. You can download everything you need to run any World Simsport series here.

2. Next you should place these files into the root of your rFactor 2 Steam folder. The default should be something like;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2

3. Next Run SimSyncPro.exe. It should look like the screen below. If you already use SimSyncPro for another league, just select the symsync.wss.ini file from the drop down menu.

4. Ensure you check the checkboxes you want to sync and hit start.

WARNING – The first sync will take a little longer than when this is done in the future. Just be patient, go put the kettle on!

4. That’s it! Once it’s finished it will look like below. You can close the program, run Steam, rFactor 2 and login to the World Simsports server and promptly get your ass handed to you by aliens like Michal and Grzegorz just like normal!


See you on Friday for the British GT3 Series folks!

Remember that our current series are still accepting signups and our insanely talented graphic designer is more than happy to help you with a custom skin for your virtual ride.



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