Snetterton Debriefing



Welcome to the WSS GT3 round 2 debriefing, this round was held at the Snetterton circuit in Norwich using the 300 layout. A big chance was given to the drivers at the top of the grid with Matthew Beavis of Team Rookie Monsters not being able to attend the race. So all eyes were on Michal Nizio could he pull off the triple again in round 2?

Grzegorz Bulat leading the field after qualifying on pole.

After the 15 minutes of qualifying a new pole sitting in the form of Grzegorz Bulat had pipped Nizio to take pole position. With a major incident in T1 which saw multiple cars receiving damage some even enough to retire. Unfortunately Bulat was one of the early retirements and with several of the top runners now much lower down the field this meant they had to battle back through the field.

Fortuanlty some of the front runners came through T1 unscaved and were battling it out ot the front. With Bulat out (a big challenger to Nizio) Allie Ferrie of Idos motorsports took the lead, whilst only for a short time until Nizio took control again. A hefty collision with a barrier cut short Henry Graham’s debut race to the series after cutting a little to close on the inside of Williams corner. Luck again was not on Samuel Roveda side as he had nowhere to go when Graham collided with the barrier, although this damaged his car it wasn’t enough to retire him and managed to battle back through the field finishing 5th overall.

Idos Motorsports Allie Ferrie leading the race.

Several drivers made up lots of positions from their qualifying places with Simon Marshall of Team Rookie Monster making up 9 positions and Tino Vaquero and David Plummer making up 8 places. Fuel again played its part as it was designed to do in this series with Allie Ferrie finishing in 3rd, 20 seconds behind the Michal Nizio after admitting saving to much fuel crossing the line with 20 liters to spare.

2 rounds 2 wins for Michal Nizio

So the podium again saw Michal Nizio take the number 1 spot with Adam Karkuszewski 2nd and Allie Ferrie P3. Nizio maintains his lead in the drivers championship with a full 22 points clear of his rival  Adam Karkuszewski.

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