Introducing our next series….Classic Content USF2000

We, the admins, talked about what is next. We opened the League suggestions Discord channel, we discussed options endlessly.

Does everyone just want to race GT3 or do they want different challenges? What makes this league worth running in? What else would work for the different range of drivers we support?

So for the Saturday 10:00am UTC timeslot we are introducing our open wheel series. Classic Content USF2000.

What do we mean by classic content? Well, USF2000 was an insta-classic as soon as it was released. A car you can quickly learn, throw around and have fun. However, going fast in traffic is another matter.

Then there was a choice of circuits. We decided on classic ISI and S397 content. Some of these tracks you never see in leagues, some of them you raced once or twice and not again, some you raced in rFactor (if you were around then)

All of these circuits are gems, and deserve to be raced more often. So we are giving you that opportunity.

rF1 Classics Toban, Mills and Sardian Heights

Tiger Moth – made famous in Top Gear, but we will run the power circuit outfield track

Mountain Peak – a road course through the infield of an oval, that uses some of the oval as well.

And Loch Drummond, elevation changes in the Scottish hillsides.

Come take the challenge and drive the Classic Content USF2000

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