Excitement builds for WSS Endurance Race

With the final sprint rounds for WSS GT3 Series Europe and WSS GT3 Series Asia occuring this week, all eyes are turning to the crucial double points endurance round at Bathurst.

Who will be the champion in each series? Which team will reign supreme?

Drivers face crucial choices here. Do they team up, and hope their co-drivers hold it together? Do they go it alone for 4 hours straight? To add to this, which team do they race for? Drivers can only add points to team they enter for this race. but share the same driver points.

All drivers have to register again for their points to count, so what will they do? Only drive one car, or cross-enter and hope to get points with a 10 lap minimum stint as a backup?

To complicate matters – which car do they drive? Stay faithful or switch to suit the circuit? How will driver swaps work, what is their pit strategy? Does the fastest qualifier start, or the most reliable driver?

A further complication – new drivers and teams wanting to win at this circuit. Competetive teams with top drivers that can snatch podium places and cut into available points.

All these factors don’t even take into consideration that this race is on one of the toughest circuits in the world. Mere millimeters seperates fast drivers from crashed drivers every single lap.

Who can do it? How can out-last, out-think and, most importantly, out-drive their rivals?

WSS GT3 Endurance – there can be only one winning car.

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