WSS GT3 Endurance – Bathurst Race Briefing

Welcome to The Mountain. The last, and double points round, of the World SimSports GT3 Championship Powered by NRT Game servers. Drivers and teams can gain a big haul of points here, or their opponents can walk away with the lot.


This circuit is on public roads and is only closed 5 times a year to host races. Mt Panorama has been hosting races every year since the first dirt roads opened in 1938. Home of the legendary Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercars round, it is now firmly entreched as a GT3/GT4 venue, and is the opening round of the Intercontinental GT Challenge every February.

Points to Note for drivers;

  • We require all teams racing in this event to fill out this simple form to nominate your starting driver, this must be completed by 6pm UTC, failure to so, risks being started at the back of the grid.
  • Starting Procedure – At the green light, at pit limiter speed, proceed to the exit of turn 1 in single file. The exit is where the curbing finishes on the left hand side.  At this point (shown in the diagram) you can disengage the pit limiter and you race your race will start. Drivers should not overtake until after this point.

  • Pits. On pit exit respect the White line and merge with caution. Be aware of cars exiting the pits.
  • Sim Sync– As always please run SimSync before joining the server on Friday to make sure you are fully up to date with the latest skin additions.
  • Blue Flags / passing slower cars – Passing slower traffic is difficult over the top of the mountain. It is advised to pass cars on the straights (slower car to move to the right and ease off the throttle a little – no sudden moves please), in corners (Hell Corner T1, Griffins Bend T2, The entrance to The Cutting T3) and then not until Skyline (just under the & News Sign where slower cars can move to the left and ease off and fast cars go under. Then not until Forrests Elbow (just before Conrod Straight). In corners, slower cars should take the outside line and ease off a little. When the blue flag is waved you have 4 corners to allow a car past, noting that this may be difficult over the top of the mountain and you would not want to cause an accident.
  • Other Notes –
    • This is going to be a race with a healthy field and a wide range of abilities. If you have not raced with us before, or if you don’t remember them, please read our rules of conduct. Penalties will be applied post race for rules breaches and where incidents are reported and drivers judged to have doen the wrong thing. We ask that you show humility and sportsmanship at all times. This is a friendly community.
    • Please do not post in text chat while people are racing, penalties will be applied for this, as it is distracting

Bathurst 4hr will start at 20:00 UTC+0 on 22nd February 2109.

Driver Stewards will be Simon Marshall and Pol Faustino.


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