Flat 6 Cup – Red Bull Ring – Briefing

Welcome to the WSS Flat 6 Cup Series Round 1 of 5. Please read the following briefing before the race. Any questions or problems please contact one of the admins for help.

  • Track : Red Bull Ring
  • Location : Spielberg, Styria, Austria
  • Length : 4.318 km (2.683m)
  • Turns : 10
  • Series : Flat 6 Cup
  • Date : 8-3-19
  • Qualifying Starts : 20:00 UTC (Please be in the server at least 5 mins before this time)
  • Qualifying Length : 15 Minutes
  • Warm Up : 5 Minutes
  • Race Length : 40 Minutes
Driver’s Briefing
  • Layout – Full
  • Starting Procedure – At the green light, at pit limiter speed, proceed to the apex of turn 1 in single file. At this point (shown in the diagram) your race will start. Drivers should not overtake until after T1.
  • Pits – On pit exit respect the white line and merge with caution. Be aware of cars exiting the pits.
  • Pit Limit Speed – 60 kph (37 mph).
  • Skin Pack – Please subscribe to the Flat 6 Skin Pack. You will not be able to join the server until you have fully installed the pack from the steam workshop.
  • Other Notes
    • The Flat 6 has no auto-blip. Meaning you have to manually blip the throttle on downshifts.
    • This is likely to be a race with a healthy field and a wide range of abilities. We expect that all drivers will have read our rules of conduct. We ask that you show humility and sportsmanship at all times. This is a friendly community.
    • During the race please do not post in game chat while people are racing, this can be very distracting. You may incur a penalty for this.
    • If you are interested in the Series please see our Information and Signup page on our website.