Announcing : World SimSports GT3 Endurance Challenge

You ask – we deliver.
Then we over-deliver.
Then – it is not that easy…

You wanted more Endurance races.

You want freedom to choose your car to suit the circuit.

You want extra competition in a friendly environment.

You want to avoid conflicts with other major leagues.

You want a way to compete, depsite not being an alien.
Check -see Radical Cup

You want shorter endurance races.
Uncheck – you may want a team mate.

You want to race at a time that suits you
Uncheck – we did the best we could after much debate. If we have not chosen the best compromise to suit everyone – you can discuss this in the official channel.
Our recommendation – global teammates. Or No-Doze. Your choice.

Join the WSS GT3 Endurance Challenge . Based (incredibly loosely) on the Intercontinental GT Challenge we will take you to four classic events on four continents. You pick the car and we pick the venue. Teams and drivers compete to be the WSS Endurance champions.
For added value the championship within the championship is the Radical Cup. Master the Radical RXC Turbo GT3 to win the Radical Cup. Ideal for beginners, gentleperson drivers (ie old people) or the overly ambitious.

Can you and your team master the GT3 Endurance Challenge?
Can you take out the double crown and win the Radical Cup as well?
You have to be in it to win it

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