Improvements to World SimSports

At World SimSports we are always innovating.

We listen to you feedback and take action. We also want to provide the best experience to our drivers at the lowest cost possible.

We have a few announcements to make:

  1. We have added helmets – based on country flags –  to the USF2000 series. These will be automatically downloaded when you join the series, if you did not supply your own helmet.
  2. We have updated our rules. We have removed the penalty to wait for drivers to get back their position following an avoidable accident. Whilst we believe you should always do this (as an honourable sportsperson) we will not penalise you if you don’t. You will still get a penalty for causing an accident though – so drive properly! You are also reminded that penalties are cumulative – you might get more than one penalty for the same incident. So know our rules. This includes our general rules and our series specific rules.
  3. We are now using a different provider for Live Timing. We welcome our new partner – RaceView – and thank LiveRacers for their previous support. See our new Live Timing links
  4.   We have added a new, and private, form for reporting race and league incidents.  You can see this form on the relevant series page on the website. As a result our Race Incidents Discord channel will be locked for new posts. This means you can log a race incident and it will be reviewed and addressed by race stewards without the reporter being identified. This also means you can log an incident even if you were not personally involved. Why? We want to improve driving standards in this league, and also want to avoid arguments between drivers. Our driver stewards and admins will always be fair in our judgements, and we will always refer to the league and series rules. If you want to become a driver steward, please send an email to