Steward’s Decisions USF2000 Round 4

We would like to thank all participants in Round 4 of the WSS Classic Content USF2000 series.

There were more incidents reported this round and some extra that we couldn’t ignore while reviewing. Please report all  incidents unless you know you’ve done wrong! All incidents are reviewed from multiple angles and with lots of input from the driver stewards.

Race Results and Standings will be updated to reflect the penalties applied

Additionally drivers are reminded that these cars are delicate and also open wheel. Touches are likely to result in spins, wheels locking together and body damage. Take car when passing, or being passed, to avoid contact of any kind.

We have tried to be fair, impartial and consistent in our judgements. We will always refer to league and series specific rules, and may update the rules from time to time to clarify particular points

Click here for USF2000 Round 4 Decisions


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