Clocks – and start times for WSS events

start times –

If you are a real league, drivers turn up and start when the race starts.

If you are a sim league, you try to find a compromise to bring drivers to events at a time that suits the most. That does not always work.

We have debated this from day 1. Nothing suits everyone, so we find the best compromise we can.

So we are announcing the following:

1. All GT3 Endurance events will start at UTC 7:00pm. This includes the event starting on 12 April.

2. All events previously run Saturday 10:00am UTC will move permanently to Saturday 9:00am UTC

3. During European Summer, series events previously run at 8:00pm UTC Friday will move to 7:00pm UTC Friday. We will review this later in the year to decide if this is a permanent change, or we base these events on countries that follow Daylight Saving. We also recognise many countries are reviewing whether they will observe daylight saving time or not.

We get this may not make everyone happy. However, if you are unhappy you can also become happy. Contact any curent admin if you want to become an admin, and we will listen to your pitch.

We are also really keen to hear from people in the South and North American continents who could run a series to suit those time zones.

Current admins are: Simon Marshall, Chris Payne, Dave Plummer, Mark Robinson. Contact any of us via PM on Discord.