V8 World Supercars – Rd5 Briefing

Welcome to the 5th round of the V8 World Supercars series coming to you from Circuit of the Americas.

COTA is a purpose built racetrack in Texas, built to hose Formula 1 and other major motorsport events. V8 Supercars held their first ever North American race here in 2013. Whilst it was moderately successful, they have not returned – until now

Starting procedure

On green, start off the grid with your pit limiter engaged, and form up into single file.
You can disengage the pit limiter any time after the apex of Turn 1. Note that heavy application of power at this point will be difficult, sooth acceleration will be the key to a good start

Start time

Qualifying commences 9am UTC on Saturday 18 May 2019.

There will be a 15 minute qualifying period, followed by 5 minutes warmup and then 40 minute race.

Real weather is enabled for this race.

Entries for the series are still possible, as are bespoke car skins from our admin team. If you are not registered and wish to take part we would love to accommodate you! See the links in the title bar for details.

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