V8 World Supercars – Rd6 Singapore – Driver’s Briefing

Welcome to the final round of the V8 World Supercars Series. This will be a night race uner the lights at Marina Bay, Singapore

The Marina Bay circuit is a temporary street track in Singapore. It has hosted F1 races, and supports, since 2008. V8 Supercars will be back on the support calendar in 2019.

Starting procedure

There will be a standing start from green. Drivers must start with the pit limiter on. Move into single file. Once past the apex of Turn 3, you can disengage the pit limiter and your race starts from that point.

Other notes

This is a night race, but the track is well lit and you will not need to have headlights on (and it is not forced on) Please don’t use headlights as this can cause frame rate issues for other drivers.

Start time

Start time is 9:00am UTC on 25 May 2019


  • Qualification: 15 minutes
  • Warmup: 5 minutes
  • Race: 40 minutes

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