Announcing – New World SimSports series

We have had a couple of tough series with the Can-AM LMP Challenge and V8 World Supercar series. Congratulations to all participants. We hope you had fun.

We thought we would go back to the series that launched World SimSports – GT3 Series. However, we should also move forwards.

So, we have two new series to announce. These series will tempt you to perhaps drive different cars, or to drive at a time that suits you, or at a skill level that suits you.

Continental GT3 Pro-Am Series

GT3 Cars manufactured in Continental Europe on Continental Europe circuits. 6 race series.

BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes on circuits across Continental Europe. 6 race series.

Two championships – Professional and Amateur. You choose you level of competition based on how you rate your skill

Race start time 9:00am UTC on Saturdays

More info

British Open GT3 Series

All British GT3 cars (Bentley, Radical, Aston Martin and McLaren) on British circuits.

Open server racing, every hour on the hour, with a formal race once per week – Friday 7pm UTC. One new circuit every 6 weeks. No need to signup , just turn up and drive.

Race with your friends and see how you go. Compare results against other drivers using our results driven timing software.

Then, if you dare,  one all-in race once per week on Friday UTC 7pm, when you are up against the best drivers from their local races.

Race start time 7:00pm UTC on Fridays

More info

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