Driver’s Briefing – Continental GT3 – Round 1

Welcome to Round 1 of the Continental GT Series coming to you from ZolderBuilt in 1963, Zolder hosted the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix on 10 separate occasions in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as the 1980 Belgian motorcycle Grand Prix. F1 moved to Zolder in 1973 and with the exception of a race at Nivelles-Baulers in 1974, Zolder was the location of the Belgian Grand Prix until 1982. That year popular Canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve was killed during qualifying at the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix. Points to Note for driversZolder will punish drivers who cut corners. Please ensure you drive within track limits, or you will get a penalty (or more than one)Starting procedureOn green, start you race with pit limiter on. Form up in single file. Your race starts on exit from T3  (when the kerb runs out on your right side). You can then turn off your pit limiter and you race can start.Other notesFailure to follow this briefing or series rules will result in a penalty.Race Details Server Name : WSS Continental GT3 Series Qualifying Starts : 9.00 am UTC Race Length : 50 minutes Qualifying : 15 minutes Warm Up : 5 minutes Start : Limiter to set corner (described before each race) Flags : Black Only In Game Race Time : 2 pm Weather : Real Damage : 50 % Tyres : x1 Fuel : x2 TC : Allowed ABS : Allowed Auto Clutch : AllowedEntries for the series are still possible, as are bespoke car skins from our admin team. If you are not registered and wish to take part we would love to accommodate you! See the links in the title bar for details
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