WSS Changes

WSS Changes

Since we launched World SimSports just 1 year ago, we have been blown away by the community support we have received. Many of our members have given us feedback (good and/or improvement ideas), raced with us, laughed with us, got upset with us, and generally participated in our online community.

We have grown from an idea by 4 on-line mates to having a community of 358 Discord members and 58, 000 webpage hits In 1 year. We have hosted 11 series (and the odd fun race) with Open Wheel and TinTops and Sprint and Endurance. We have raced on every continent that has a circuit. We introduced people to cars they have never driven before, tracks they have not raced on before, and brought many people to on-line racing for the first time.

We also like to think we brought innovation to rF2 multiplayer – specialised one-make series (Audi Cup and LMP3) , GT3 Endurance, V8 Supercars taking on the world,  regional championships leading to an International Race of Champions.

However, we also need to acknowledge that all this great stuff comes at a cost – time, effort, and $$$.

So, our admin team is changing, and we want to thank and acknowledge everyone

  • Dave – our comms guy – photos, briefings, spamming every channel he could… Dave brought all of you here in some way, and hopefully kept you here as well. Dave will take a break and we hope he comes back to race with us, and also helps out in the future.
  • Mark – our tech guru – We would not be where we are with Mark quietly and methodically setting up our technology infrastructure. The race server config, real weather, skinpacks, weight penalties, any of that stuff – Mark was the guy who worked it out. Mark will step back from admin duties. He will take a role of Admin Advisor, and race when he can.
  • Chris P– the graphics guy (and financial support) – website design, logos, spotter guides, skin design (for those who did not know how to do it). Backup Tech guy, even when he had no real idea! Chris will keep up the financial support, will keep alive some fun racing in our 9am UTC timezone, and will take on a role of Lead Drivers’ Steward.
  • Chris S – another founding member. Race reports, great ideas, and extra marketing. We let him go too early! Chris has recently started racing with us again, and we hope to see more of his talent on the track.
  • Simon – a league legend. He gave us good advice and ran the Drivers’ Stewards team (including Arwin and Paul) Simon will support us when he can as Driver Steward’s advisor. We hope to retain Arwin and get Paul to come back. We have a new steward to announce soon.
  • Annti – came on to offer advice and assistance – always happy and positive. Annti will continue to support us.
  • Mike – joined when we were trying to keep things going and helped out in so many places and kept the spirit alive. Mike has planned a cool new series. Mike will be the ONLY admin for now

We also want to thank our sponsors:

  • Dave at NRT Servers – We have been running leagues a long time. you can’t get better support for your race servers than Dave, who is always there to help, and is well connected in the industry.
  • Harris – at HM Engineering who gave us financial support and is a good and loyal friend, Check out his gear at
  • And YOU – all of our members – thanks for the support, the racing, the ideas, the friendship. We will still be here just in a new form

WE NEED YOU – A call to action. These leagues work best when there are many people involved, each with a one (or more) jobs. If you can help, please PM Mike (see Mike Crowing in Discord) and offer your services. If you are not sure how you can help, Ask Mike! We love you guys! And we want to continue to offer what you want. Without more long-term help we won’t be here.

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