DRS Zones and usage guide

So how does the DRS system work on the Megane?

First you need to assign a button to toggle DRS. Head over to your ingame controls and look for a setting called “Rear Flap” It should be at Options > Controls > Driving > Rear Flap

Once that is done keep an eye on the little square on your dashboard. (see picture above)

There are 4 stages:
  • red Square: 
    DRS is not activated and cannot be activated. Maybe you`re not in a DRS Zone or not close enough to the next car.

  • yellow Square:
    DRS is detected and you’re in the distance to get DRS activated, when the DRS Zone is reached.

  • dark green Square and Lettering DRS:
    DRS is now available and can be activated

  • light green Square and Lettering DRS:
    DRS is activated

Road Atlanta DRS rules

Each track has different DRS activation rules. Here are the ones used at Road Atlanta:

  • Laps until activation: 3
  • Max time to next car: 1 second
  • Minimum track dryness: 50%
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