HM Engineering Multiclass Trophy –Sepang– Drivers Briefing

Welcome to the WSS HM Engineering Multiclass Trophy Round 4. Please read the following briefing before the race. Any questions or problems please contact one of the admins for help.

  • Track :Sepang International Circuit – Full Loop
  • Location : Malaysia
  • Series : Renault Megane + GT3 
  • Date : 1st/2nd November
  • Qualifying Starts : 19:00/09:00 UTC 
  • Warning: Double check your starting time! Daylight saving time changed last week for some of you
  • Qualifying Length : 15 Minutes (Private)
  • Warm Up : 5 Minutes
  • Formation Lap : None
  • Race Length : 60 minutes
  • Tyres : x1
  • Fuel : x2
  • Password : “selamatpetang”
Driver’s Briefing
  • Starting Procedure – At the green light, at pit limiter speed, proceed to the exit of turn 2 in single file. At this point (shown in the diagram) your race will start. Drivers should not 
  • overtake until after T2
  • Pits – On pit exit respect the white line and merge with caution. Be aware of cars exiting the pits.
  • Pit Limit Speed – 80 kph
  • Incident Reporting : Submit any incidents using our incident form on our website. Our form is private and only the race stewards and admin will see it. Please submit any incidents within 24 hours of the race.
  • Overtaking between classes:
    GT3 cars don’t need to yield when being lapped by a Megane. Stick to the racing line. The Meganes should use their speed advantage to make their way through.
    In case of contact the Megane driver is automatically at fault, so be extra carefully.
  • Other Notes
    • This is likely to be a race with a healthy field and a wide range of abilities. We expect that all drivers will have read our rules of conduct. We ask that you show humility and sportsmanship at all times. This is a friendly community.
    • Championship points are awarded for Renault and GT3 classes, but these are not combined into an overall championship.  This means you are fighting for track position only in your class. Consider letting faster drivers through if you know you are not competing against them.
    • During the race please do not post in game chat while people are racing, this can be very distracting. You will incur a penalty for this.
    • If you are interested in the Series please see our Information and Signup page on our website.
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