Steward’s decisions – GT3 Revolver Cup Round 3 and Round 4

WSS Revolver Cup – Sebring Round 4

17 Jan 2020, 8pm UTC

Lichten – Lap 20

Lichten and Plummer swap places over successive corners. Lichten goes under Plummer for a pass and goes wide as a result, Plummer goes to the inside and is passing Lichten when Lichten contacts the rear half of Plummer’s car. Lichten does not deliberately turn in, rather he is holding his wheel straight but moving to the right following his wider exit of the previous turn.

Lichten would know Plummer was there, and by the time of contact, Plummer was legitimately in front. Lichten should have turned away to avoid contact.

Lichten then rejoins unsafely and hits Van Der Werff.

Steward’s decision:

At fault in causing an accident – 10s penalty to Lichten. Unsafe rejoin – 10s penalty to Lichten.

Vidimari  – Lap 6

Ahonen passes Vidimari on the back straight. Vidimari is lined up for the final corner. Neither driver makes any movements towards the other, however Ahonen is past Vidimari when they make contact.

Vidimari should have seen Ahonen and turned away to avoid a collision

Steward’s decision:

At fault in causing an accident – 10s penalty to Vidimari

 WSS Revolver Cup – Oschersleben Round 3

10 Jan 2020, 8pm UTC

Yanagihori – Lap 7

Yanagihori goes wide to avoid Devanugraha who has gone off track and is re-joining on the racing line.  Yanagihori avoids, loses control, and hits Devanugraha. In the Steward’s opinion both drivers share blame – Devanugraha for a re-join close to the apex and Yanagihori for not slowing down sufficiently when going off track during the pass.

Stewards’ Decision: Some blame to both drivers, but nothing intentional. Racing Incident.

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