Welcome to the WSS USF2000 Classic Content series. We spent a lot of time discussing what would be next, and reviewed all ideas in the League Suggestions channel and came up with this idea.

About this series

This series will take us back to some classic rF2 circuits from ISI and S397. You will get intimate with the details of these circuits from the cockpit of your USF2000 open wheel racecar.

Race events will be two races of 20 minutes duration, with Race 2 grid based on Race 1 result and reverse grid for top ten finishers of Race 1. All drivers will use fixed setups supplied by the WSS setup guru.

We hope to rekindle memories harking back to rF1 days, and create new ones for all our drivers, as we take on these often overlooked gems.

From the twisty circuits of Toban, Mills and Loch Drummond to the power circuits of Tiger Moth and Mountain Peak, and an added bonus of “the Macau of the Deep South” – Sardian Heights, we guarantee an action packed racing series.

Our events will be live streamed via Twitch and Youtube so if you cannot make the race you can still spectate. We also have a living timing page so you can follow the action live via www.worldsimsports.liveracers.com. Our aim is to provide a competitive series for all skill levels . But with that in mind we do not allow the use of controllers in the series.

Please refer to our calendar for our race dates and locations and signup on the Registration tab.

Tracks for the cars are available on the Required Downloads tab.

Send custom skins to admin@worldsimsports.com

Points are awards to drivers only after completing 70% of the race time and are as follows:
1st 25, 2nd 18, 3rd 15, 4th 12, 5th 10, 6th 8, 7th 6 8th 4, 9th 2, 10th 1
An additional point is awarded for the fastest lap of the race and for pole position.

Note: Success ballast will be used to keep things interesting. 75kg for the lead chamionship driver, 50kg for the second placed driver and 25kg for third place. These will be applied from Round 2.

Our server settings are as follows:
Server Name : WSS Classic Content USF2000
Qualifying Starts : 10:00am UTC
Race Length : Two races of 20 minutes each. Reverse grid for top 10 in Race 2
Qualifying : 15 minutes
Warm Up : 5 minutes
Start : Formation lap, then standing start from green
Flags : Black Only
In Game Race Time : x1
Weather : Scripted
Damage : 50%
Tyres : x1
Fuel : x1
TC : Allowed
ABS : Allowed
Auto Clutch : Allowed
Password : None until race day, the password will be then announced on our discord channel

Round 5 – Palm Beach

Race 1 Result
Race 2 Result

Race Replay Download

Apologies for the quality of the stream this week & Internet outage in Australia

Round 6 – Mountain Peak

Race 1 Result
Race 2 Result

Race Replay Download

Next race:

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