Welcome to the Continental GT3  Series.  Following the success of our previous GT3 Series we decided to add some features to our new series. Introducing the Continental GT3  Series which will include only include cars manufactured in continental Europe and racing  at only continental Europe tracks. Cars included are : BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche. The series will take place at 6 well known tracks from around mainland Europe.


We are also introducing two championships in each race. If you don’t feel you are as fast as some others – no problem. You can sign up for AM class and compete against other drivers with similar abilities. Otherwise, maybe you think you can tough it out with the fastest drivers in the world? Try Pro class then.

Both classes run at the same time, but only score points in the class they are signed up with.

Our events will be live streamed via Twitch and Youtube so if you cannot make the race you can still spectate. We also have a living timing page so you can follow the action live via Our Raceview Portal. Our aim is to provide a competitive series for all skill levels. With that in mind we do not allow the use of controllers in the series.

With many years of sim racing experience, our admin team is always on hand to help. We use high spec dedicated servers to ensure a top quality service.

Please refer to our calendar for our race dates and locations and signup on the Registration tab.

Tracks and templates for the cars are available on the Required Downloads tab.

Send custom skins to admin@worldsimsports.com

Points are awards to drivers only after completing 70% of the race time and are as follows:
1st 30, 2nd 28, 3rd 26, 4th 24, 5th 22, 6th 20, 7th 18, 8th 16, 9th 14, 10th 12, 11th 10, 12th 9, 13th 8, 14th 7, 15th 6, 16th 5, 17th 4,  18th 3, 19th 2, 20th 1
An additional point is awarded for the fastest lap of the race and for pole position.

Our server settings are as follows:
Server Name : WSS Continental GT3 Series
Qualifying Starts : 9.00 am UTC
Race Length : 50 minutes
Qualifying : 15 minutes
Warm Up : 5 minutes
Start : Limiter to set corner (described before each race)
Flags : Black Only
In Game Race Time : 2 pm
Weather : Real
Damage : 50 %
Tyres : x1
Fuel : x2
TC : Allowed
ABS : Allowed
Auto Clutch : Allowed
Password : This will be distributed via email upon signup


Registration is closed

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