Warning This Series Will Not Be Easy

With a strong and deep field of drivers in World SimSports, we looked for a different challenge for our next series.

The Car

Flat6 celebrates the fastest and most popular single make racing series in the world – a series that supports Formula 1 and that also has national, and regional championships.

The Flat6 GT3 Cup has a 3797cc engine which puts out 450hp at 7,500 rpm. Like the series it replicates, the car has no abs, traction control or autoblip. This means drivers need to moduate their driving to suit the car characteristics, including manually “blipping” the throttle on downshifts.

The Flat6 car rewards drivers with an incredibly satisfying driving experience – once they master its unique characteristics.

The Circuits

In a short five race season, we will visit iconic circuits on three continents. Legendary circuits updated to modern standards (Imola, Hungaroring and Red Bull Ring), Okayama (previously known as the T1 Formula 1 track) and the rollercoaster ride of Road Atlanta

The Rules

This series follows the standard World SimSports rules found here

The Details

Points are awards to drivers only after completing 70% of the race time and are as follows:
1st 30, 2nd 28, 3rd 26, 4th 24, 5th 22, 6th 20, 7th 18, 8th 16, 9th 14, 10th 12, 11th 10, 12th 9, 13th 8, 14th 7, 15th 6, 16th 5, 17th 4,  18th 3, 19th 2, 20th 1
An additional point is awarded for the fastest lap of the race and for pole position.

Our server settings are as follows:
Server Name : WSS Flat6 Cup
Qualifying Starts : 20:00 UTC
Race Length : 40 minutes
Qualifying : 15 minutes
Warm Up : 5 minutes
Start : Pit lane limiter on green until the nominated starting point (see race briefing)
Flags : Black Only
In Game Race Time : x1
Weather : Real
Damage : 50%
Tyres : x1
Fuel : x1
TC : Not enabled
ABS : Not enabled
Auto Clutch : Allowed
Password : None until race day, the password will be then announced on our discord channel

Round 1 – Red Bull Ring

Race 1 Result

Race Replay Download

Round 4 – Hungaroring

Race 4 Result

Race Replay Download

Round 5 – Road Atlanta

Race 5 Result

Race Replay Download

Skin Pack
Flat6 Cup
    Official WSS Template

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