Welcome to the WorldSimSports GT3 Endurance Series.

About this series

We all enjoyed the WorldSimSports GT3 Endurance race at Bathurst so much, we thought “Why not make a whole series out of it?”.

So very loosely modelled on the Intercontinental GT Challenge, we are going to go racing at four iconic venues on four continents.

We will use the S397 GT3 pack and S397 GT3 Challenger pack.

You are free to choose a new GT3 car and/or change teams for each event without penalty. Team results only count for the team you are driving for each race.

Registered drivers need to do a minimum of 10 laps in the car for their points to count.

Drivers can be cross-entered into more than one car, but get points based on their highest finishing car only – subject to the 10 lap driving requirement.

Introducing the Radical Cup

Not everyone feels able to mix it with the front runners, so we have the Endurance race for you too – the Radical Cup. The Radical Cup will be a championship within a championship.

To get points in the Radical cup, drivers must use the Radical RXC Turbo GT3. They are still eligible for points in the overall championship, and the Radical Cup will also have its own (internal) point structure as well – same points structure as overall championship. So, even if you can’t run at the front all day, you have a podium shot in the Radical Cup. All you need to do to enter is choose the Radical as your car for the event(s).


Qualifying uses a different format to our other races. Qualifying starts two weeks +1 day before the event and finishes 24 hours before the nominated race start time. The fastest lap set by a registered driver for the car determines the qualifying time.

Race start time

The race start is on the hour nominated as race start. Starting drivers need to be in the server 15 minutes before race start to allow the grid to be set. Drivers who leave this session risk starting at the back as the grid is set manually.

If a starting driver joins the server after race start, they will not be able to race. The server locks them out.

Race swaps

Swapping drivers should only join the server as spectator when they are due for their race swap. Once the swap occurs the other driver should leave the server. They can follow the race on the LiveStream

Override Rule

All time penalties for these races are increased from 10s to 60s. See our Rules page for rule details.

Our events will be live streamed via Twitch and Youtube so if you cannot make the race you can still spectate. We also have a living timing page so you can follow the action live via our Raceview portal. Our aim is to provide a competitive series for all skill levels . But with that in mind we do not allow the use of controllers in the series.

Please refer to our calendar for our race dates and locations and signup on the Registration tab.

Tracks and templates for the cars are available on the Required Downloads tab.

Send custom skins to admin@worldsimsports.com

Points are awards to drivers and team who complete more than 70% of the race time and are as follows:
1st 60, 2nd 56, 3rd 52, 4th 48, 5th 44, 6th 40, 7th 36, 8th 32, 9th 28, 10th 24, 11th 20, 12th 18, 13th 16, 14th 14, 15th 12, 16th 10, 17th 8,  18th 6, 19th 4, 20th 2
An additional 2 points is awarded for the fastest lap of the race and for pole position.

Our server settings are as follows:
Server Name : WSS Endurance
Qualifying Starts : 2 weeks + 1 day before the race and finishes 24 hours before the race
Race Length : 240 minutes
Qualifying : Unlimited until 24 hours before the race
Warm Up : 10 minute warmup to allow grid setup. Please join the server at least 10 minutes before the race start time
Start : Single file on the pit limiter until specified corner
Flags : Black Only
In Game Race Time :10:00am (time x2)
Weather : Real
Damage : 50 %
Tyres : x1
Fuel : x1
TC : Allowed
ABS : Allowed
Auto Clutch : Allowed
Password : The password can be found in pinned messages in our Discord channel.

12/04/2019 – Round 1 – Interlagos 4hr

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

31/05/2019 – Round 2 – Watkins Glen 4hr

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

19/07/2019 – Round 3 – Fuji International 4hr

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

06/09/2019 – Round 4 – Silverstone 4hr

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Round 1 – Interlagos

Race 1 Result

Race Replay Download

Appologies, last minute technical issues prevented streaming

Round 2 – Watkins Glen

Race 2 Result

Race Replay Download

Round 3 – Silverstone

Race 4 Result

Race Replay Download

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