World SimSports Rules

Racing Rules

These rules are designed to ensure fair, fun and professional sim-racing. These should be common sense to any motorsport fan.

  • Respect the flags – green, yellow, chequered, and most particularly – blue. See flag rules below
  • Respect the track rules – pit lane speed limits, cut detection and general track limits. Failure to do so will result in in-game penalties. Where tracks do not enforce these rules and the rules have been stated in pre-race briefings, this will be treated as a breach of league rules and will attract a penalty.
  • Respect each other – give other drivers racing room, make your passes fair, with good race-craft and avoid contact with other competitors. Intentional crashing or other forms of retaliation will be treated as a serious breach of sporting conduct.
  • Be respectful in all messages whether in game or in discord or voice chat, if you are angry sleep on it and discuss it the following day.
  • If you run off the track, check oncoming traffic before re-joining the race or other session. Unsafe re-joins can ruin someone else’s race, qualifying or practice session. Drivers who re-join the track unsafely will receive a penalty.
  • If you block other drivers, you will receive a penalty. Blocking means more than one move to prevent a pass in the same overtaking opportunity.
  • No text discussion in game during qualifying and race until the race is over for all drivers.
  • Text and voice channels for your team can be made available – ask an admin.
  • A general race-chat voice channel is available, and all drivers should be in this channel during warmup for a driver briefing. Drivers can leave this channel when the briefing is over or stay in for the race – driver choice.

Flag Rules

Yellow: Caution due to accident or car stopped for other reason.

Drivers should exercise caution in passing the scene of a yellow flag. Passing another car under a yellow flag may result in a penalty, depending upon the actions of the involved drivers. If a driver is deemed to have caused an incident, or other rules breach, while under yellow flag – any penalty will be doubled

 Blue: Car higher in the order lapping the blue flagged car

Car being passed to allow room for a pass at the earliest safe opportunity. Move to the outside if in a corner or allow on a room on a straight and ease off throttle. Allow cars through after no more than 4 corners from the blue flag being shown

 Chequered: End of race

No deliberate crashing into other cars. No text chat in race chat until all cars have received the chequered flag

Green (or all lights out from green):

Race start. Rules for race starts will be set by race series.

Black: Breach of track rules or driving in the wrong direction

Automatic disqualification from the race

What penalties apply and how are they determined?

This is shown in the following table. Admins make the final decision as to whether penalties will be applied or not. Decisions will be published on the website.

Note: Penalties may be applied cumulatively. Example: Cause a collision and then an Unsafe re-join can result in 2 X 10 second time penalties.

Ignoring requirements of race briefingsLoss of one position from race result
Chatting in-game during a race or qualifying sessionLoss of one position from race result
Passing before designated start pointLoss of number of positions gained at start from race result
At fault in causing a collision10 seconds added to race time
Passing under yellow with unfair advantage ( judged post race)10 seconds added to race time
Blocking more than once in the same overtaking manoeuvre10 seconds added to race time
Not leaving racing room for a legitimate passing attempt (Overtaking car needs to be at least 50% up the side of the car in front when passing on the inside, or 100% level if passing on the outside)10 seconds added to race time
Unsafe re-joins after leaving track limits10 seconds added to race time
Disrespectful, rude or racist messages in chat or DiscordLoss of one position from race result
Breach of sporting conduct (determined by Race Stewards)Based on severity of incident. Ranges from loss of points for the race, to loss of series points, to permanent ban
How to report?On the website
How reviewed?Race Stewards make recommendations to admins (Race Stewards make no recommendation if they were involved)
How agreed?At least 2 admins not involved in incident agree

Reporting incidents

  • Race incidents can be reported from after the race (please use a personal calm down period) until 24 hours after the race
  • Race incidents are to be reported using the form on the website.
  • Rules breaches other than those occuring during a race can be reported to any admin via Discord PM at any time or by using the website form.  Admins are identified in Discord by having their name shown in dark red colour.
  • Admins and race stewards may identify race incidents and rules breaches without them being reported, and will impose penalties in these cases.

Race Re-joins

  • Race restarts are at the discretion of race admins. Typically multiple drivers being disconnected or severe first lap incidents are the triggers for a restart
  • The server supports race re-joins should you be disconnected or have other software or hardware problems.
  • Drivers can only re-join if the game is crashed – not exiting the race.
  • Drivers will be re-joined with an undamaged car starting in the pits, but will suffer from imposed in lap loss, as well as time lost re-joining.
  • Ensure you check your preferred race setup is loaded before heading out of pits

Professional SimRacing

  • All drivers are expected to use wheel and pedal combinations for driving – use of keyboards and other handheld controllers is not allowed.
  • Cockpit view is the only allowed driving view, the server will lock out any other view.
  • Allowed driving aids are autoclutch, ABS and traction control (unless cars or series specifically exclude these aids).
  • Deliberate collisions are not part of being a professional sim-racer and will be treated as a breach of sporting conduct
  • Race series may have specific rules. Those specific rules will be in additional to these rules. In some cases, series rules may over-ride these rules. In those cases, the series rules apply, and specific mention of such over-rides will be made in the series rules.

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