Welcome to the Virtual Laps of Nurburgring (VLN) brought to you by HM Engineering

About this series

This series uses various layouts of Nurburgring

We will use the S397 GT3 cars (both packs) a S397 Porsche Cup and S397 BMW M2 as three different classes

Registered drivers can run on their own or in teams

Drivers can be cross-entered into more than one car, but get points based on their highest finishing car only – subject to the 10 lap driving requirement.

Points are awarded by class.  Driver’s sharing a drive get the same points. However, the overall champion is decided by the number of points they get, which means a driver in

Class 3 could be the overall champion. Your Choice. Class Winner or Class and Overall  winner. Or switch cars (allowed) depending on circuit?

What is your strategy?

Fridays at 7 PM UTC
The Cars
Class 1: GT3
Class 2: Porsche Endurance
Class 3: BMW M2 Cup
Rounds (once every 6 weeks)

Round 1: Nordschleife (classic) – 2.4hrs –  27 Dec 2019

Round 2:  Nurburgring – Combined layout – 2.4 hr race – 24 Jan 2020

Round 3: Nurburgring 24hr layout 2.4 hr race  -28 Feb 2020

Round 4: Nurburgring – Endurance layout – 4hr race – 3 Apr 2020

Race times
Qualifying starts on the published race times. There will be a 30 minute qualifying session, followed by 5 minute warmup and then the race.

Race swaps

Swapping drivers should only join the server as spectator when they are due for their race swap. Once the swap occurs the other driver should leave the server.


All time penalties for these races are increased from 10s to 60s. See our Rules page for rule details.

Our events will be live streamed, so if you cannot make the race you can still spectate. We also have a living timing page so you can follow the action live via our Raceview portal. Our aim is to provide a competitive series for all skill levels . But with that in mind we do not allow the use of controllers in the series.

Please refer to our calendar for our race dates and locations and signup on the Registration tab.

Tracks and templates for the cars are available on the Required Downloads tab.

Points are awards to drivers and team who complete more than 70% of the race time and are as follows:

Points are awarded by class and based on number of entries in each class.  In the table below the horizontal line is the number of cars in each class. The vertical column is the points based on finishing position based on the number of cars in the class.


Our server settings are as follows:
Server Name : WSS VLN series
Race Length : varies
Qualifying : 30 minutes before the warmup (15 mins for Nurburging GP)
Warm Up : 5 minutes before the race
Start : Single file on the pit limiter until the exit of T1
Flags : Black Only
In Game Race Time: 4:00pm
Weather : Real
Damage : 50 %
Tyres : x1
Fuel : x1
TC : Allowed
ABS : Allowed
Auto Clutch : Allowed
Password : The password can be found in pinned messages in our Discord channel
Used weather service:  OpenWeather



27 December 2019 – Round 1 – Nordschleife “North Loop” 2.4 hr

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

24 January 2020 – Round 2 – Nurburgring – Combined 2.4 hr

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

28 February 2020 – Round 3 – Nurburgring GP 2 hr

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

3 April 2020 – Round 4 – Nurburgring –  Endurance 4 hr

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Car Downloads

S397 GT3 packs (both)

S397 Porsche Cup WSS Porsche Cup


All cars from S397 store

Track Downloads

Nordschleife (dlc)

update to allow shortcut for qualifying

Skin templates

WSS Number Plate

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